Fixed prices, unlimited revisions.


"For what it's worth, you could and should charge more for this service. With your prices, my profit margin is about 76% per eBook. I love the model, but I really think you have underpriced the service."

Scott, Lead Works

You've Got Questions?
We've Got Answers!

Of course! At the beginning of each project you will complete a short questionnaire where you can provide the details of your client's brand and anything in particular that you want to see included.

Then we'll change it! You get unlimited revisions for each lead magnet design so we'll keep making changes until you're happy with the finished result.

The first draft of your design will never take more than 3 business days but we usually have it ready within 24 hours.

The total project time will depend on how many revisions you need but most projects are completed with less than 3 rounds of revisions.

Yes feel free to pre-load your queue with as many designs as you need. We only work on one design at a time and will proceed to the next design when the previous project has been signed-off by you.

Unused projects do not roll over to the next month so you should use your full design allowance every calendar month.

Many customers pre-load their design queue with multiple requests to prevent wasting projects. We will work through your projects until your monthly limit is reached then we will resume working on your projects the following month.

You do! Once the design has been completed we will transfer all source files to you and you are free to use them however you wish.

If you have a question that wasn't covered here just drop us a line

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